Y Soft and Google Announced That the SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension is Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

YSoft SAFEQ’s extension enables employees and students to print from any Chrome browser safely and with ease. All print activity is securely printed through YSoft SAFEQ.

“We can predefine the print queue, print options, and which printers a user can see,” said Michel Kuipers, a Customer Success Consultant from Y Soft. He went on to say that “Y Soft offers our partners the ability to offer flexible options to their customers. The level of customization is something unique to the Y Soft offering.”

The SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension is Chrome Enterprise Recommended by Google, which means it is verified to be optimized for Chrome OS, meets the highest performance standards, and is easy to adopt.

“The collaborative effort with Google enables organizations using YSoft SAFEQ to manage their print services to enable seamless and secure printing from Chromebooks,” said Bruce Leistikow, Product Marketing Director, Y Soft. “School districts, for example, rely heavily on Chromebooks for students and faculty. Now print jobs sent from Chromebooks can be printed without IT having to worry about multiple configurations.”

To learn more about the YSoft SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension, see their dedicated webpage for Chrome, https://www.ysoft.com/chrome


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