Y Soft Creates Solutions That Help Businesses Run Smarter

What is one key YSoft SAFEQ benefit? It supports business growth.

Paper and digital document workflows improve productivity allowing employees to work on more value-added areas.

Print and printer-related functionality through downloadable apps. Our first OMNI App is OMNI UP365 which provides Universal Print capabilities to today’s networked printers.

  • Works with YSoft OMNI Bridge
  • Developed in partnership with Microsoft
  • OMNI Bridge and OMNI UP365 combined supports up to 5 or 25 printers

OMNI Bridge is a serverless Edge device that connects any networked printer to the cloud. When paired with an OMNI App, additional printer and print functionality is provided.

  • Configurable in seconds
  • Works with a variety of YSoft OMNI Apps including OMNI UP365 for Universal Print features
  • Grouped OMNI Bridges provide fail-over when high availability is required

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