Here’s How to Keep Important Emails Out of Your Spam Folder

By Louis Costantini, Sharp: Every morning, you wake up and go through your routine before heading into the physical office or home office to start your day. When you get to your desk, you log into your computer and open your email. While sorting through your mailboxes, you notice that essential emails such as an RFP you were expecting, an invoice you’ve been waiting for, or important messages from vendors and partners are sitting in your spam folder. You might ask yourself, “how did these end up in here?” – a question that gets asked more frequently than you would expect. Missing these emails is not only frustrating, but it can also affect your business’s bottom line.

Why Are Emails Marked as Spam?

In most cases, organizations want to protect their users from email phishing by incorporating spam filters – which have become more rigorous over the last few years. Internet service providers (ISPs), such as Outlook and Gmail, are cracking down on spam to serve their customers better. However, the spam filtering process isn’t 100% perfect, meaning that sometimes legit emails go to spam due to a few reasons:

Your Engagement with the Email

Your interaction with the emails you receive matters. If you immediately delete an email from a company, you will stop seeing those emails in your inbox after a while. While those emails are still being sent to you, your internet service provider has determined that you do not want to see them and places them in your spam folder.

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