InfoMark Launches Worldwide Monday to replace the QR Code, connecting Print to the Digital World

MOBILE, AL – and the InfoMark App launches today to give Newspapers, Magazines, and Consumer Products the simple digital link promised by the QR code but never delivered. Users can now quickly access audio, video, PDF, and any other digital formats from desktops, phones and tablets from a simple 4-digit printed code. The InfoMark replaces the complex QR Code format that is cumbersome, not visually appealing and falls short by only offering access to one link through a camera based device. All alphanumeric InfoMark codes will begin with an “asterisk” for example *45K2, giving over 9 million available 4-digit InfoMark code possibilities. Also custom InfoMarks will be available. The introductory InfoMark video is located at:

“For years the failure to efficiently connect Print to the Digital World has concerned everyone that makes a living in the Printing and Sign Markets” said Robert C. Ross, CEO of InfoMark. “We believe we have finally created the solution with InfoMark giving Print new found relevance.”

InfoMark Structure

Anyone can create a Mark using or the InfoMark apps. Users simply request a new mark and the Mark i.e. *8E32 is granted. The Mark creator can then upload up to 6 additional digital assets plus unlimited photos associated with the Mark. The Mark creator publishes the Mark and it’s additional assets, now users can enter that InfoMark code to access information left by the Mark creator. Each Mark is offered to the creator at no cost for the first year and only $10 per year thereafter if the Mark creator wishes to extend the life of that specific Mark. There will be no charge for user access to established InfoMarks.

Giving Print Writers a Voice

Primary uses of a InfoMark includes the ability for print writers to share additional content with articles. For example, a podcast of the article by the author in their own voice or a video creating a more interesting experience adding more value to many forms of Print including Newspapers, Magazines, Labels and Signage. Other formats like PDF, PPT, URL, phone numbers, maps, or virtually any other file formats can be used by InfoMark.

The World is Your Showroom

Marks published on consumer products create a more valuable user experience and add the potential for additional future revenue streams for manufacturers. A “Buy it Now” can also be placed in a Mark allowing users to experience your product and the ability to quickly purchase that item for themselves. Your installed base of products then becomes your actual showroom. Marks can also create a direct reference to User’s guides, service manuals, training videos, or any other content desired by manufacturers.

The Right Information Right Now

Users desire a digital link to the specific information without the complexity and confusion of surfing the web. InfoMark was created to quickly deliver that specific desired digital content. The content of a Mark remains the property of its creator and can be changed at any time in order to continually improve the value of a Mark. and the InfoMark apps are digitally linked and allow users to create Marks, view Marks, view Mark history and “favorite” Marks.

About InfoMark

InfoMark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xante Corporation, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.

InfoMark and the InfoMark logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xante’ Corporation.

For more information contact:
Gary Davidson
InfoMark Director of Public Relations
(251)473-6502   ext 4424


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