Is Your Need To Hire the Symptom or the Problem? It May Be Time to Invest in Employee Retention Efforts

By Denise Miller, GreatAmerica – Hiring is a topic we hear a lot about today. Many business owners I talk with indicate they have a need to hire to fill positions on their team and many feel they don’t have time to devote to it or lament it’s taking too much of their time. As a hiring manager you only have so many hours in a day; making the best use of your time is key.

Before you spend another minute on hiring, I would challenge you to first get to the root cause of your need to hire. No good doctor would prescribe a course of treatment based on one indicator. Instead, they would ask more questions to better understand all the symptoms, make the correct diagnosis, and choose the best treatment plan.

By changing your focus from the immediate need to hire to what is triggering the need, your time will be directed where it can do the most long-term good for your organization.

So why do you have openings on your staff?

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