Are You Sure Your Home Working Employees Are Not A Compliance Risk?

While many employees continue to work from home, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people returning to their corporate offices following the roll-out of the COVID vaccinations and the lifting of government restrictions. However, in most cases, these returning employees are engaging in a ‘hybrid’ working pattern involving a number of days in the office in conjunction with home working.  As a consequence, there remain a very significant number of people around the world who are working in a home office environment.

According to recent industry figures, it is estimated that two thirds of home working employees have at some time printed work related documents on their home printers and left them in open view or filed them in a non secure environment. Of potential concern, around a fifth of home office workers have printed and stored documents containing confidential information including; payroll information, contact details, medical information and CVs or application forms, creating a potentially  serious data compliance regulation breach.

While there are variations in the regulations by region and industry, there is a relatively consistent requirement for organizations that store and/or process sensitive personal information to have an effective, documented, auditable reporting process in place covering the collection, storage and tracking of documents (electronic and hard copy) that may contain personal information.

Given the continued high level of home office printer usage, effectively addressing device and data security with a print management solution that includes secure printing capabilities for data loss prevention (DLP) and provides essential end point monitoring, tracking and control in both corporate AND home office workplace environments is critical.

If your organization has adopted a flexible hybrid working strategy, contact the FollowMe team at Ringdale® to discover why the world’s leading enterprise and government organizations rely on our FollowMe® Secure Print Management solution to support their corporate workplace and home office print security and compliance requirements.

Source: Ringdale

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