Nightmare On Print Management Street

Last Halloween we wrote about scary print and scan security risks, but what happens when there’s something strange happening in your print environment? Who ya gonna call? We are not sure the Ghostbusters can deal with this sort of drama, so we’ll take it from here. Let us grab our proton packs and stop the spooks in their tracks.

Your SAFEQ print management system can do many awesome things, such as managing user access, enforcing cost saving rules, sending scans to repositories, keeping documents safe, freeing up IT resources, and so very much more. But as with everything, things change, upgrades take place, and things can sadly get a bit spooky.

This is exactly what happened earlier in the year with the aptly named PrintNightmare vulnerability and the associated issues. It happens. Your print infrastructure is constantly evolving, whether there are server updates, security updates, or your needs and number of locations change.


You want to call in the experts, and the team at Y Soft is ready to do battle with your scary print environment changes. Unlike some other providers, we offer direct support. You can interact with our engineers and support staff directly (our partners also offer support – it’s your choice). Like all good magic potions, we have three key ingredients:

1. Customer First

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