Your copiers and printers know the latest files you’ve worked in, the last email that you were caps locked on, maybe even what you are having for dinner tonight. Copiers fly under the radar as far as endpoints are concerned, but they hold a wealth of secrets since they are connected to your entire network, not only that chili recipe that you printed yesterday. That means your files, email and other devices can be accessed from your copier, so it is important to keep security in mind when purchasing, installing, updating and removing your machine.

You’ve heard countless messages about the importance of data security.  In recent years, bad actors have stepped up their activity and are using more sophisticated techniques to take advantage of distributed and remote work environments. In today’s widespread threat landscape, a well-balanced, multi-layered security strategy is needed to help ensure your copiers and printers keep your information safe from malicious intruders.

Here are some features that can keep your copier on lockdown:

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