Consistent, Accurate Color And Exceptional Image Quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert color management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent color customers want.

Fiery color management

Fiery® color management tools give you maximum control over color quality. ICC-based color management technology is integrated in every Fiery server and works directly with advanced controls in Fiery Command WorkStation®Fiery Color Profiler Suite is integrated with the Fiery server to create best-in-class ICC output profiles for each substrate in a few simple steps.

Excellent out-of-the-box color

Fiery servers deliver professional color quality right out of the box. Easy-to-use tools ensure the accuracy and consistency every printing business requires. The latest Fiery digital front ends benefit from EFI’s next-generation color profiling technology Fiery Edge™ which further enhances out-of-the-box results.

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