How Can Office Imaging Providers Create a Company Culture of Security?

By Jay Allpress, GreatAmerica – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Reminds Us to Keep Security Top of Mind

Security is a responsibility of every individual in your office equipment business – from your leasing administrators to your sales reps! Plain and simple, cybersecurity is critical to the success of your office equipment business.

At GreatAmerica, we work hard to ensure our internal theme, “Security is baked into everything we do,” becomes a reality. While those words conjure thoughts of lofty security goals and a mature security posture, they also speak to a desired state that can be hard to reach and hard to define in the workplace.

How can security impact your office equipment business?

We’ve talked before about how, if done well, you can use cybersecurity as a business enablement tool. But how do you actually do that? Creating a culture of security is a really great start. The evolving cybercrime landscape dictates that everyone (yes-that includes office equipment dealers and their employees!) needs to prioritize security more than in the past.

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