Smart Document Scanning In The Digital Age: Taming The Paper Tiger

Where are the paperless offices? We were supposed to be paper-free by now.

It’s a nice dream, but reality begs to differ. We use more paper now than ever before. At the same time, people expect data to live free of paper — on their phones, on their computers, in their cars.

How can we continue to produce information in the locked format of ink on paper and have it at our digital fingertips 24/7?

Taming the Paper Tiger looks at ways organizations are capturing paper-based information by using the latest generation of document scanners and OCR technologies so they can turn that information into searchable, accessible data.

Taming the Paper Tiger covers topics such as:

  • The psychology of paper — why we hold on
  • The decline of e-books and rise of print
  • The latent cost of using real estate to store paper
  • What the future holds as production scanners outpace the PC’s ability to process data

We’ve seen the future, and it is full of paper. Find out how technology will help us transform it into usable data and thrive.

Download the free white paper: Taming the Paper Tiger

Featured Workgroup Scanner; Panasonic KV-S1057C