In order to provide patients with high-quality care, NGPT must be able to exchange patient data and insurance information fast and securely. Before NGPT’s clinicians can provide services to a patient, a prescription must be faxed over from the patient’s pediatrician. Then, the clinicians will evaluate the patient, develop a healthcare plan, and fax that plan over to the pediatrician. If the healthcare plan is approved, it must then be faxed to the patient’s insurance provider for prior authorization. Once clinicians receive the prior authorization and start working with a patient, daily progress notes are faxed to the pediatrician.   

Needless to say, fax is crucial for NGPT to ensure a seamless flow of care. Unfortunately, NGPT often experienced delays and failed faxes while using a fax service hampered by phone lines. Their antiquated fax service was not only inefficient, it was also expensive. With over a hundred faxes being transmitted every day, NGPT frequently exceeded the fax service’s 1,200 monthly page limit and was charged extra for each fax sent.

“We rely on fax to receive the authorizations needed for payments. If prior authorizations take too long, we can potentially lose patients,” said Dr. Shae Minnick, PT, DPT, and Owner of North Georgia Pediatric Therapies. “When our faxes were not being sent, we had no other option than to mail our care plans to pediatricians and insurance providers.”

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