HP’s and IDC’s Joint Study on Print Has Been Released

Unsurprisingly printing still remains an overlooked technology where security is concerned. According to HP’s and IDC’s joint study, 48% of respondents have not considered printers, when evaluating endpoint security, compared with 89% who would consider desktops.

Unfortunately attackers are only too aware of this oversight, causing the printers within an organization to be exploited, as the avenue into obtaining private and confidential information.

According to the report, part of the problem is due to organizations often not including security requirements in their requests for proposals or tenders, when setting out to procure new endpoints, causing fundamental areas to be missed.

As the experts, Boris Balacheff, HP’s chief technologist for security research and innovation, believes the security requirements within an organization is a dual responsibility of the seller and the providers, so it is important to help and educate organizations on the important areas not to be overlooked.

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