New uniFLOW Version Expands Cloud Print And Scan Platform

uniFLOW 2020.3 – Expanding the most powerful cloud print & scan platform!

With uniFLOW Online 2020.3 the capabilities of the world’s best cloud print and scan platform have been greatly extended. The new uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app increases the mobile print experience for Apple® and Android™ devices. Several new job submission pathways are also available including support for Mac™ users, Chromebook™ support and users of Microsoft™ Universal Print (early access).

In addition, libraries and schools can now charge students for their print and copy activities thanks to the new budgeting feature. Productivity in the office environment is improved with print and scan delegation which can also be carried out by users working from home.

uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app

Submitting mobile print jobs and accessing personal activity reports via Android and Apple phones is easy with uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app.

Mobile phones are essential for mobility and digitization. Incoming documents can be easily sent to print, using the new uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app. Print jobs can be released at any connected device, in time for the next meeting. Users always have an insight as to all their recent print, scan, copy and fax activities.

Future proof job submission

There is a wide range of operating systems available to users which uniFLOW Online supports by offering different job submission pathways. The last months have profoundly shaken up printing processes and major cooperations have changed how printing will be addressed in the future. Close collaboration with Apple, Google and Microsoft ensures an excellent end-user experience and continuous support. This latest release aims to future proof job submission pathways, adds additional security, increases productivity and simplifies printing processes.

Secure printing from Apple Macs is guaranteed with the new uniFLOW SmartClient for Mac. In order to replace Google Cloud Print, the new uniFLOW Online Chrome extension offers continued secure printing support. Furthermore Universal Print (public preview), a new cloud-based print service developed by Microsoft, will integrate natively with uniFLOW Online and adds functionalities such as Secure Printing.

Budgeting support

For schools it is key to keep costs under control. Teachers and students are charged for all their printing and copying so it is important to ensure correct tracking of their transactions and available funds. To support these requirements, uniFLOW Online now accurately tracks and charges all printing and copying activities for both teachers and students. Budgets can easily be setup and funds added to individual accounts.

Print & scan delegation

Print and scan jobs often need to be handled in further steps by another colleague. With uniFLOW Online, users can delegate their print jobs to another colleague. This can be, for example, the secretary or a collegue working at a different location.

Digitizing documents can be part of a business critical process. It may be imperative these documents are processed within a given time period. To meet these demands, scanned documents can  be handed over manually or automatically, after a specified period, for further processing or indexing by a colleague.

Continuous improvements

All core uniFLOW Online functionalities are being continuously improved.

Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes are also included with uniFLOW Online 2020.3. For an in-depth view of uniFLOW Online, its features and benefits, visit our website or have a look at our YouTube channel.

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