PaperCut’s MFP Control Solutions Offer the Following Benefits Over A Copier’s Traditional In-Built Control Functions

  • Central Administration- Set and manage all access, accounting and charges using the same rules and interface used to manage your printers.
  • Single Identity- Users have a single account for both copying and printing. Accounts are sourced from your existing Active Directory, OpenDirectory, or LDAP environment ensuring ease of implementation and ongoing management.
  • Real-time Reporting- On the completion of each copy session (when the user presses end) the details of the copy transaction are logged into PaperCut in real-time. Provision for network failure is provided enabling session replay from memory. Administrators have access to the same PaperCut reporting and management features as they would have for a standard printer.
  • Release Station- Select copier terminals can also be used as a PaperCut MF print release station, negating the requirement for a separate PC.

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 SOURCE ecoprintQ

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