Panasonic Steps in to Support School District Scanning 10K Pages per Week

From Panasonic – As a school district comprised of 30 different school sites and programs, Broken Arrow Public Schools has 1,094 support employees, 1,198 certified employees and 92 administrative employees for a total of 2,384 employees serving thousands of students. Workers are required to process, organize and file a vast number of documents to keep the district up-and-running, and its scanners serve numerous departments including accounts payable, transportation, tuition reimbursement and child nutrition, among other areas.

Oftentimes, workers scan up to 10,000 documents per week of different shapes and sizes, including submitted receipts, printed records or handwritten notes. Without strategic coordination and organization, student outcomes, safety and budgeting can suffer, challenging the very mission of the school district.

Logistically, Broken Arrow Public Schools bases its strategic initiatives on a number of objectives laid out across the schools, to guide the district through technological change. To continue to provide the most impactful experience for students, Broken Arrow Public Schools takes pride in updating its technology to improve efficiency and reduce employee workloads – mainly through the installation of new technology.

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SOURCE Panasonic

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