Safetrust Partners with PrinterLogic to Simplify Secure Release Printing Experience for Customers

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Safetrust, a global pioneer in mobile identity solutions, announced its partnership with PrinterLogic, the leader in Serverless Printing Infrastructure, to offer customers a secure release printing solution that uses Safetrust Virtual Credentials for authentication. This partnership enables end users to release a print job using their mobile device on RF IDeas pcProx® Plus BLE readers, eliminating the need for PIN codes, passwords and traditional badge authentication.

Mobile credentials are a convenient solution for customers where employees move about, use common terminals, adopt virtual desktops, or simply want an easier, more secure way to print to a Multi-Function Printer. With credentials stored within the Safetrust Wallet app, PrinterLogic customers can dramatically increase the security of their end users by eliminating the risk of lost badges and compromised passwords.

“Enterprise executives and IT professionals are becoming acutely aware of how vulnerable their users’ data can be, and are taking steps to lock it down,” said Jason Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Safetrust. “By leveraging the mobile phones end users already have and know how to use, PrinterLogic can empower customers to simplify their secure release printing experience by using a secure, virtual credential stored in the Safetrust Wallet.”

Safetrust Virtual Credentials integrate seamlessly with RF IDeas pcProx® Plus BLE readers already offered by PrinterLogic. The solution enables users to leverage either their mobile device or their traditional employee ID badge for Secure Print services, allowing organizations to migrate to mobile network credentials at their own pace.

“This is a killer combo. Secure release printing is already hugely popular, and empowering end users to authenticate with mobile devices is a major win for customers,” said Garrett Helmer, Senior Vice President of Channels at PrinterLogic. “The mobile device is only gaining in importance for enterprise workflows, so we’re excited to see where we can take this in the future.”

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