Why Choose SalesChain CRM for Your Dealership?

Automation = Growth

When you start organizing your business, you’re faced with a number of choices. Who do you trust as a member of your team? What will your strategy be? What tools will you use to implement that strategy? If you’re like most businesses, the satisfaction of your customers ultimately determines the success of your organization.

To provide your customers with the most personable experience possible, you need a way to keep track of the relationships you build with each of them and the products you provide them. Cataloging your interactions, experiences, and sales figures is critical to understanding and growing a burgeoning business. But trying to keep track of customer information in spreadsheets or your phone’s notes is inefficient and the information gets scattered.

That’s why sales-oriented organizations deploy a CRM solution, but these softwares can seem very expensive at first. With so many options to choose from, why should your business choose SalesChain?

Superior Mobility

As the digital office continues to rely on remote work and constant accessibility, cloud-based solutions are no longer a nicety, but a necessity. Whether you’re in the car checking your customer notes before a meeting, at the airport entering order information from your laptop, or working from your home office, SalesChain’s cloud-based platform has your back. Our system empowers mobile users across the US and Canada to maximize their productivity beyond the bounds of the office.

Cloud-based infrastructure also means increased reliability. Solutions which rely on a server in your office require that someone maintains those servers, or you could risk downtime, and software solutions on someone’s computer need to be updated every time a change is implemented. At SalesChain, we take care of maintenance and updates for you, letting you focus on what matters most.

More Features For Less $$

SalesChain is capable of doing the work of 5 or more competitive softwares, each of which requires additional management to populate information across different systems and is just as expensive as our solution alone. With Integrated commissions, delivery workflow automation, lease portfolio management and business intelligence charting tools built in, businesses that switch to SalesChain see a consistent increase in productivity while reducing cost. Below, we’ve listed 4 systems SalesChain’s Platinum suite is capable of replacing.

1) Integrated Commissions Utility

In the world of sales, money is the ultimate motivator.  Knowing how much they are going to earn for each proposal is catalytic to your sales team’s success.  Avoid confusion, conflicts and time spent guessing. Our commission system allows you to easily manage commissions for every person and role played in winning sales, including:

2) Delivery Workflow Automation

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