How Secure Is Your Office?

No business is too small to evade a cyberattack or data breach. Look at your IT landscape from a security viewpoint to identify potential threats. This infographic points out possible entry points of cybercriminals to help make sure you have the proper security assets in place.

 IoT Devices

  • All internet connected devices represent a possible entryway into your network
  • IoT devices lacking the latest operating system updates are more vulnerable
  • Dead or unsupported apps can serve as a potential gateway to your network
  • Smartphones and tablets containing sensitive company data can be lost or stolen
  • 90% of device manufacturers did not feel conf ident their devices had adequate security precautions in place.


  • Outdated firewall, antivirus, and operating systems wideny our gap of vulnerability
  • Weak network traffic restrictions can lead to infections from corrupt emails and websites
  • Malicious software can take control of your computer and files not backed up can be lost
  • 79% of companies could have prevented a breach with a software patch or configuration change.

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SOURCE Sharp Electronics Corporation

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