Document Security the Elatec way!

Many organizations, such as businesses and schools, use Identification Cards for access control. Employees are issued RFID cards, typically with their picture and employee ID. These cards have a unique identifier (UID) that is associated with the employee. This allows the organization to control specifically who has access to the building or areas within the building.

Many of these companies are now adding RFID card readers with print management software, businesses can account for all print and copy activities associated with specific employees. This process works when an employee approaches the machine and swipes his or her badge past the reader, which sends the employee’s identification to the software to confirm which machines they have access to, what their costs will be for print and copy activities, and any other rules, restrictions or any additional information that’s needed to release the print job.

Most of these Copier/Printer devices already allow you to release your print jobs and authenticate at the device, they usually call this function “embedded” allowing you to enter this information at the control panel of the Coper/Printer device. Entering these credentials at the device have some complications. Some users simply enter the wrong information, some forget their passwords, some do not feel comfortable entering this information with other people watching them and at some devices it is very difficult to enter this information on their display.

The added benefit of using RFID card readers have greater advantages as all the problems above are eliminated as well as far greater security. A person can also use the credentials of another person to log on, but they can’t copy the Card reader output from their card as this is practically impossible due to conversion and encryption. So, even if a user was to see the ID sent from the user’s badge, the method of communication between the card reader and the database is such that typing in that employee ID would not allow for log in.

Companies are also greatly benefiting of having these users utilize one card for access, time management as well as Print Management, simplifying the deployment of these cards as well as the user management across all these platforms. In other words, an employee with a company issued Proximity Card given to them to enter their building, can simply use this same badge to release their print jobs. This is such an easier way to deploy this method in conjunction with your Document Management software.

If you are looking for Efficiency, Security and just a simpler way to automate and streamline your business, add an Elatec TWN 4 card reader to your Print Management solution.

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