Does Device Data Make Fleet Design Easier?

New Managed Print Service (MPS) contracts mean new opportunities to make money and establish exciting partnerships. However, dealing with an unfamiliar print fleet presents the potential for print or MFP brands you don’t know much about. This can lead to questions on which approach to take. Recommendations for improvements on fleet design, devices, and much more all depend on having the correct information. Googling every time to find a device data set manually takes time and may not result in accurate information.

Fortunately, there are many Device Data Services (DDS) available to make this easier. Instead of the constant hassle of collating your own data, you can purchase access to searchable databases. However, there are many competing industries boasting access to MPS specs. This is why it’s essential to have comprehensive and valuable device information readily available as you explore the unknown.

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SOURCE In Time Tec

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