5 Things You Should Consider When Evaluating an Ecommerce Strategy

One of my first jobs out of college was selling DVDs over fax machines. We would receive orders through the fax machine and ship them out to customers. Although this was done through mail order, this sort of selling is the same concept as ecommerce, just transitioned to an electronic environment. Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come since then? Now we have instant streaming with just a few clicks and buyers have grown accustomed to instant gratification.

The pandemic revolutionized our world’s technology expectations and there are countless things you can do online today that you couldn’t do three years ago. Online purchasing offers instant access outside typical business hours which is undoubtedly convenient. This isn’t going away, so being prepared to address your customers’ needs is paramount. It can’t be denied that consumer buying habits have evolved and bled into the business world and we must adapt to respond to these technological advancements.

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