Go Greener with EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus

The environmental impact of the Nozomi’s digital corrugated printing technology offers extra positive outcomes:


UV LED curing technology reduces total energy consumption, and the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus is Fogra Energy Efficient certified based on the ISO 20690 energy standard.


A fully digital process allows to reduce the waste of over production and associated leftover related to job set up and change over.


Lower energy consumption, lower ink usage, prolonged printhead lifespan, and maximized running times result in lower operating costs and in reduced resource consumption.


EFI UV LED inks are fully recyclable and repulpable OCC certified, enabling a circular economy of corrugated packaging. They are also Greenguard certified for virtually zero VOC emissions.

For every EFI Nozomi printer purchased, we’ll plant 17 trees that are equivalent to 1 ton of paper

This a reforesting initiative within the Project for the restoration Iruelas Valley in Spain carried out by Bosques Sostenibles. Iruelas Valley is a natural reserve preserving the rarity, fragility, importance, and uniqueness of its ecosystems, communities and biological elements.

In 2019, a fire spread into the reserve, seriously damaging the wooded area at the head of the gorge. One hundred and forty hectares of burnt land are now being intentionally reforested to restore the ecosystem as no natural regeneration was possible. The restoration will be carried out with native tree species, restoring the forest to its original diversity.

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