How You Can Get More Done When Working from Home with Brother USA

For many remote workers, learning how to work from home productively can take a little time, patience, and practice. The good news is, these tried-and-true techniques can help you get more done right away.

  • Maintain your routine: Even when you’re working remotely, you should try to mimic a regular workday as closely as possible. A structured routine that includes getting dressed in the morning, eating lunch, creating a to-do list, and maintaining set work hours can go a long way toward maximizing productivity.
  • Minimize distractions: When you’re working from home, any number of distractions can arise—from kitchen messes to TV programs. To help maintain focus, try to set ground rules with family and roommates, and post your calendar in a common area so they know when you’ll be working. Avoid taking personal calls during work hours, and consider using a noise-cancelling headset that can help you tune out chatter and stay focused.
  • Keep kids busy: Need to work from home with kids? It’s even more important to establish a daily routine that both you and they can realistically follow. Make sure they have a schedule for each day that includes schoolwork, meals, free time, and other activities. The Brother Creative Center offers free printable worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, games, and more to keep kids busy.

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