Why Regulatory Compliance Needs to Be Top of Mind

With the proliferation of high profile data breaches and the number of compromised records at an all time high, there is a growing call by the public for companies and government agencies to be more transparent and, in particular provide greater protection of collected and stored personal data. As a consequence, global data compliance regulations are evolving and becoming more complex with each passing day and many organisations are struggling to stay on top of this ever changing compliance landscape. This can be an issue as any non-compliance can result in highly publicized and extensive fines that while costly, may be minor compared to the financial loss resulting from the damage to a trusted brand’s reputation.

In the short term, some examples of notable privacy regulations that will begin to be established, enforced or revised include:

  • Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) replacing Privacy Shield for EU:US data transfer
  • Australia’s Privacy Act under review in Australia
  • Digital Charter Implementation Act (DCIA) to be established in Canada
  • Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGDP) implementation in Brazil
  • The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) will amend the CCPA in California
  • Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) for China

It is clear that security and compliance needs to be a leading priority in 2021, in particular for a multi-site organization that operates at an international level. Companies will need to show that they have strong security policies in place for any data being stored, processed, or transmitted. In addition to utilizing anti-phishing and anti-malware software to combat cyber threats, it is also critical to employ classification, encryption, and data loss prevention (DLP) methods to protect data that may be accessed, shared and printed by an organization’s employees.

When researching how to help your customers develop an effective compliance strategy, introduce them to FollowMe® by Ringdale. FollowMe® is a scalable enterprise level print management solution that includes secure printing capabilities for data loss prevention (DLP), government grade encryption, and provides essential compliance and tracking features for both corporate and home office workplaces.

To find out more, download this case study which outlines how a National Defence Agency protected large volumes of highly sensitive data and achieved regulatory compliance or contact the FollowMe team at Ringdale®.

Source: Ringdale

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