Document Management is a fancy way of saying a system to keep track of your files and documents. As the rate of digitalization continues to grow, the value of having your files and documents at your fingerprints becomes apparent. Even though there are default file browsers in our computers, it would be nice if they could::

  • Be accessible from anywhere.
  • Be able to index specific document information for quick reference.
  • Have a workflow system that matches your current document processes.
  • Have built in e-signature capabilities is the most used e-sign company in the world DocuSign.
  • Have an OpenAPI allowing for easy connection to programs like SalesForce.
  • Use secure encryption to share documents with external persons.
  • Create a set of pre-defined documents for a folder.
  • Let people only see what they need to.

PSIsafe Document Management software does ALL that and a lot more. Simply tell PSIsafe what kinds of files you want to keep track of (.docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .jpeg, etc.,) what program to use when opening it, and what parts of that document are the important bits (Document Indexing) and then we take care of the rest. Backing up is easy whether you’re On-Premise (PSIsafe on your servers) or Cloud (PSIsafe on our servers.)

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How PSIGEN is Commited to Integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems with the Utmost Flexibility