Is your MFP an Easy Target for Hacking?

How to Make Sure Your Office Printers are Protected and Secure

By Chris Bilello – Konica Minolta: Picture this. You’re an office manager, and you’re starting to see employees back in the office. It’s great! There’s energy all around, a low hum of chatter and the occasional beep from the printer in the corner – nothing to worry about. Well, time to take those rose-tinted glasses off.

Printers, as well as Multi-Function Peripherals (MFP), are an underestimated source for data breaches. Sure, when you think about a ‘hack attack,’ traditionally your mind would go to PCs, web applications, file servers, data centers, etc., because that’s where you can get access to file systems, credentials and crucial private information. A successful MFP breach can result in a hacker accessing all of the above. Your everyday office printer comes loaded with the ability to integrate with the corporate network to allow for scan to email and copy-and-scan accessibility. Most worryingly, breaches can happen without anyone knowing they have occurred. And a lack of MFP security and maintenance makes breaches even easier to execute. 

Why is an MFP an easy target for hacking?

With the understanding that in today’s corporate environment, communications and connectivity are indispensable, MFPs are designed to integrate into network environments. This scenario also means this office technology must cope with and comply with the same security risks and policies as any other network device, and represents a risk if unprotected. Yet despite security being high on the strategic agenda for most businesses, MFPs are often ignored as being a risk at all.

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