A Large Selection of Product’s and Growing: Katun

The wide selection of products Katun offers for virtually all OEM lines – copier, printer, fax, digital duplicators and more – is unparalleled in the industry. Currently, we offer thousands of products through our online and hard-copy catalogues. We are continually expanding our product lines to meet market and business needs, so you’ll find everything you need right here.


Parts of all types are essential to keeping the charging, fusing, cleaning, paper feed, and other systems within office equipment operating efficiently.


Katun offers a wide selection of quality laser printer cartridges and printer components. Our product offering includes both remanufactured and “new-build” toner cartridges, plus a wide variety of bulk toner, drums, drum cleaning blades and other components for specific customer regions.


The same high quality standards used in developing Katun parts and supplies are applied in assembling Katun’s extensive service accessory offering.

Digital Duplicators

Commercial printers of all types, including print-on-demand, transaction and statement printers, and in-plant and quick print shops, have all discovered a new parts and supplies source – Katun Corporation.

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