Access Systems is celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of J&S Electronic Business Systems. Acquisitions can be a tricky topic for both companies that are merging as there are unknowns of how the employees will feel and how the changes will go. Access Systems takes pride in welcoming new employees obtained through acquisitions with open arms to the work family and are there for anything they may need.

When former J&S employees discussed their past year at Access Systems, here are the things they had to share.

“The biggest positive change I have seen with everyone involved in the merger is the sense of belonging. Coming from a smaller town family-owned business, we were concerned about the culture and having a work family. Access has welcomed us with open arms, and with team outings and events, we were quickly integrated as part of this new family!”

“The most substantial change I have seen with all employees involved in the acquisition is that the culture has been revitalized. While there was always a concerted effort to bring employees and their families closer, having the resources of a larger organization made things possible that could not be done before. And it shows in the job satisfaction of the employees still with us today.”

“Positives that I have experienced since the merger are that Access has brought so many resources to all our clients in SE Iowa/Illinois/and Missouri! We can now offer Managed IT / VoIP / and Sharp Equipment at prices we could not offer at J&S. We are now the #1 Sharp dealer in the US!”

The happiness of all employees that remains and continues to grow, shows how everyone makes a conscious effort to come together as a team and overcome any challenges or differences that come our way.

On top of the employee satisfaction seen at Access Systems, the merger has also allowed for other areas of the company to change and grow besides the number of employees. Access wanted to focus on revitalizing the J&S building and making it something that the new employees could be proud of. The building was given a renovation to promote a modern welcoming environment.

The branch has been continually active with community impact and supporting those around our offices as much as possible. Access Systems has a program called Access Cares that focuses on volunteering and all employees both old and newly acquired from the merger have continued to be incredibly involved with this and making it a priority in their eyes. The office has had multiple donations drives and has helped provide even more ideas of ways that Access can have a positive impact on everyone around our branches.

Access Systems is grateful to have all the wonderful employees from J&S that joined the team from this acquisition and cannot wait to see how everyone continues to grow and push each other in a positive direction in the future.

About Access Systems

Access Systems was founded in 1986 in Urbandale and is one of the most tenured technology companies in the Midwest. With a full spectrum of services that range from IT solutions, copiers and printers, phone systems, and document imaging, Access Systems is one of the few elite office technology providers that can help businesses of all sizes become more efficient in their business processes. Access Systems is locally owned and managed by key leaders hailing from the Midwest with values to match and decades of industry experience. To learn how Access is Keeping Offices ConnectedTM, please visit or call 515.987.6227. Access Systems can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for industry tips and information.

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