Umango’s Data Extraction

Once you capture an image or scan some paperwork you often need to capture information about it.

Umango provides a number of flexible ways to ‘read’ the information you want to use. For example, you might want to read a pre-printed code, a barcode, use OCR to hunt for a word or phrase located in different positions on the paperwork or simply view an area on the paperwork allowing you to highlight the word to be extracted.

Once read, Umango can use this information to name the file, look up information in other business systems, create directories, be stored in a database or document management system. Umango has many features designed to streamline organizations. 

Zonal OCR

Do you have documents with pre-printed information you want to extract?

You can specify Umango to read a pre-defined area of your business documents and convert the selected information or zone back into text. This text can then be used to name the file, create directories and be entered into a wide range of databases and backend systems.

Smart Seek

The information you are looking for is not always in the same place in your scanned documents. Using Smart Seek you can quickly and easily specify the structure of the data you are looking for and Umango will dynamically look for the information and extract the data. This can be done using simple formatting rules or you can use powerful regular expression (REGEX) formatting for virtually unlimited flexibility.

In addition, if you know the data you are seeking is going to be near another word or phrase then you can include that as a rule in the Smart Seek configuration. You can set it as a related word to highlight or you can include it in a regular expression as a look behind or look-ahead search. Take for example the word Invoice, using Umango Smart Seek you can look for that word even though it is not always going to appear in the same location on the document. Then, once the word is found Umango can highlight it and search for the data nearby based on the data structure format.

 Umango offer so much more!

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