TriWest required a fax server solution that would be secure, robust and flexible enough to handle its 6.6 million pages of inbound and outbound faxes per year. These faxes, consisting mainly of TRICARE healthcare services requests, reports and daily correspondence, would translate into an estimated 554,000 fax pages per month or 28,000 per day.

For this high fax volume, traditional analog faxing would be extremely time-consuming and expensive. TriWest no longer wanted to deal with the hassle and cost of analog POTS lines, specialized hardware, supplies, toners and paper.

In order to meet the requirements of their new DoD contract, TriWest needed the new system to be in place and adapted to their existing Cisco infrastructure, with custom code for workflow management and audit tracking, and integration with TriWest’s mission-critical medical management system (MaxMC) within just ten weeks.

OpenText™ XM Fax™ was put in place quickly, including extensive integrations, before the deadline. TriWest can securely transmit highly confidential healthcare information in accordance with contractual government service level agreements (SLAs), per the Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification & Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) in order to maintain the government’s Authority to Operate (ATO) certification.

Rick continued, “XM Fax SP met flexibility and reliability requirements. It was easy to use and understand. The interface works well. The XM Fax system is very stable and responsive.”

In addition to meeting the conditions of the DoD contract, TriWest saw significant savings of approximately $500,000 per year and capacity boosts allowing them to almost double their daily incoming/outgoing fax load to 45,000 pages. They were also able to expand system coverage to encompass 90 locations compared to their initial fax deployment across 32.

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Customer Securely Sends Over 500,000 Faxes Each Month