Reports Show Over 800,000 Cyber Attacks a Month During the Pandemic! Tips on Securing the Hybrid Workforce

In this final part of our series looking at the hybrid workforce, we look at the challenge of print security. Here we discuss what this means for office/home print environment(s) and how Y Soft can help.


There is no denying that the past 18 months has seen a sudden increase in the number of laptops, mobile phones, printers, and other devices being used to facilitate the workforce. However, the rapid implementation of remote working combined with taking the security perimeter outside of the office has created the perfect storm for cyberattacks. Reports show over 800,000 attacks a month during the pandemic. The unique setup of the hybrid or blended workforce leaves it ripe for security breaches as well as posing additional security challenges and causing headaches for IT teams. Moving away from the security protections traditionally offered in the office, we are far more vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

Looking closely at printing and the risks posed by the hybrid workforce, the growth and reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT) printers raises some red flags. A rather sobering report from HP Wolf Security Blurred Lines & Blindspots shows that 45% of IT decision-makers interviewed have suffered from compromised printers being used as an attack point in the past year.


The hybrid workforce has increased the need to protect the print environment against bad actors and data breaches. To address this, companies need to have a holistic and comprehensive approach to security measures for protecting their print environment – which includes your staff’s home printers. For the hybrid workforce to succeed, they need tools that are easy to use, agile, and help combat the security vulnerabilities. To stay on top of your print security there are various technologies available to help reduce the risks.

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