Decrease Your Odds of Losing a Sale by Avoiding These 10 Faux Pas

Being an effective production workflow software salesperson often requires navigating through obstacles on the path to closing a sale. Sometimes the biggest obstacles are self-inflicted. To reduce your chances of losing a sale, beware of these 10 mistakes.  1. You didn’t qualify your prospect. Is this the appropriate customer for your product or service, and are you speaking with the right person or people? Google is your friend as is social media, so leverage both to discover as much as you can about the customer and the organization you are approaching. According to an article on Think Advisor, qualifying the prospect optimizes the buyer’s time, helps them define the problem they are trying to solve, and helps secure executive buy-in for funding the solution. The last thing you want is to be spinning your wheels talking to a customer that has no intention of buying.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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