September 19, 2022. India. OnPrintShop, the most preferred Web-to-Print Solution, today announced that it is all set to launch its enhanced Partnership Solution at Printing United Expo-2022 happening in Las Vegas from 19-21 October, 22 at the Booth- North Hall & Central Hall — N1607 of Las Vegas Convention Center.

In the wake of the Pandemic, the print industry has to collaborate to leverage strengths more than ever. Approximately $538 million of printing in 2020, an increase of 5% over 2019, was accounted for through a franchisee network.

Trade printers, franchisees, and printers are struggling to adapt to modern client expectations and new era demands in place of traditional prints. Need of the hour is the technology backbone that allows them to integrate the best of online technologies, partner with the right vendors/suppliers, marketing and resellers/franchisees that help to offer the right solution to customers, and consistently improve customer experience to grow sales and reduce costs.

OnPrintShop working with Trader Printers, Franchisee Chains, Commercial Printers, and Print Shops since 2008; understand that one of the key challenges faced by every printing business is to centralize order management for multiple sales channels – online, offline, and third-party marketing websites, to give them control over their business and consistent customer services. Print companies have hit a wall managing multiple solutions both in terms of high maintenance cost and inability to achieve goals, as it is getting difficult for them to manage reducing order quantities and variety of print products.

“We have developed a Low-Code Web-to-Print Partnership Solution that focuses on helping PSPs, franchisees, trade printers & all target audiences to gain time, reduce investments, and fasten their time-to-market. We have expertise in facilitating the print industry with price calculation, product configuration, management of multi-level companies, and order management, even with 3rd party Suppliers.”

– Dharmesh Acharya
COO, RadixWeb

The latest Partnership solution by OnPrintShop is a Scalable and & Flexible Framework specially designed to offer Reseller/Franchisee Stores, inject Orders from marketing websites, the ability to develop vendor API, gives complete control over the entire reseller/Franchisee network, and consistently deliver white label shipping. Trader Printer/Franchisee can set up print products centrally and resellers can easily mark up. So now you can create personalized reseller stores/Franchisee stores in minutes and manage marketing activities if needed.

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“Our quick go-to-market-based model offers the flexibility to customize as per the changing market needs. Most importantly the competitive pricing of the solution helps users to try new strategies at low risk. The Partnership solution is easy to integrate with several third-party web-to-print technologies. It offers the best customer experience in both Pre and Post Sales while simplifying and automating backend order processing for PSPs.”

– Naresh Bordia
Vice President BD, OnPrintShop

To give you all a reason to attend and meet the brilliant OnPrintShop team at the event is that some of their clients have already benefitted from the Partnership solution. One of the clients, The UPS Store, has invested in the Partnership Solution. Now, they manage all orders & customers for 360 franchisees centrally and achieved 100% elimination of manual job tracking and 50% growth in online orders.

Another client, APlus Printing, took their printing business to the global level from a local print shop and today became the fastest growing Trade Printers achieving a 200% increase in sales in the Pandemic & acquired 3X customers with an online partnership management solution.

The OnPrintShop expert’s team is all set to talk and share more success stories about their Partnership Solution at the Printing United Expo 2022.  The on-site team will assist you in developing a growth strategy for your partnership idea. 

About OnPrintShop

OnPrintShop can assist you in retaining or winning large B2B and B2C firms by offering top-notch solutions. OnPrintShop has considerable experience delivering solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It offers web-to-print and an integrated order management solution and has been providing services to the printing industry since 2006.

The system gives B2B, B2C, and resellers a modern customer experience to purchase multiple print segments and automate order processing, giving PSPs everything they need to increase sales. It helps make even short-run orders profitable by eliminating repetitive operations. This has helped successful organizations cut down on the team and processing time for orders by 80%.

With 24/7 individualized service, OnPrintShop respects the printing issues of its customers and streamlines print operations.

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