Print industry Opportunities When the Chips are Down – Chip Shortage??

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From cars to consumer electronics, the global chip shortage is disrupting supply chains and causing price rises across industries. The print industry is not immune, with printers and MFPs reliant on a multitude of chips. So, what implications does this have for an industry that is already facing a rocky road to print volume recovery?

Why is there a global chip shortage?

By Louella FernandesSet to persist well into 2023, the global chip shortage was prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen a surge in demand for smartphones, laptops and tablets to support remote working as well as consumer demand for home technology. This has put immense pressure on the chip foundries (fabs) leading to chip demand outstripping supply. Other factors in the mix are disruptive events such as a fire at a Japanese chip factory that supplies the automotive industry, supply chains that rely on Asia for the majority of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing capacity (primarily Taiwan, Korea, and Japan – just 12% are manufactured in the US), raw materials shortages, plant closures and sanctions on Chinese companies.

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