3 Ways to Make Software Integration Work Harder for Your Business

Integrating document management software with your ERP, CRM, payroll HR or accounting software just makes sense. Sharing information between systems enables your team to avoid unnecessary effort by eliminating duplicate data entry and improving collaboration. Integration simplifies the way data flows through your company ensuring cooperation and mutual understanding between departments. This results in increased productivity and substantial cost savings.

A document management solution that is integrated with ERP and other business software provides benefits that can’t be achieved when using stand-alone software.

Benefits only document management provides
  • Protection against manipulation. Documents are protected against unauthorized access by a comprehensive rights system.
  • Availability. Authorized employees can access documents at any time via a web browser or mobile device.
  • Long-term storage and automated retention schedules. The solution can store documents as a PDF or in their original format and automatically delete them after a defined retention period.
  • Compliance. A document management system enables your organization to better meet privacy requirements, auditing standards and other regulations including HIPAASarbanes-Oxley and GDPR.
3 essential integration points DocuWare enables

1. Seamless exchange of information between systems

DocuWare works with diverse data sources: a standalone database, a DocuWare database, or even a simple CSV file. The solution also exchanges data via a Platform Service that bundles all access to DocuWare from external applications and devices. The Platform Service is REST-based, ensuring all resources and API points have a URL. Data can move between systems regardless of the device or operating system.

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