How to Prepare Your Business for Long-Term Remote Working

By Angela Scott-Briggs, Epson – While many companies worldwide have been working remotely since the height of the pandemic, plenty are going back to normal which have caused employees to quit in the pursuit of finding other companies that are offering permanent remote positions. This has created a major shift leaving many organizations to stay remote for the long term as it’s what employees want. If you’re looking into being a part of that shift, here are some things to keep in mind while turning fully remote.

Set up clear policies

It’s important to have clear policies so that every employee in all departments is well informed and knows what to expect. It’s best to study each department and see how each of them interacts with one another, this will largely help in understanding the organizational structure and the behavior. Many policies should be put into place by every company switching to full or long-term remote such as protocols when there’s a data breach, team accountability, and expectations when using company devices.

Provide the right tools

The right tools are needed for creating efficiency in a remote setting. So it’s very important to invest in meeting tools, offering devices to your employees such as laptops and other equipment. It’s also crucial to provide adequate training for these collaboration tools, so try to set up annual training online for employees when possible. While remote employees are often self-sufficient, it’s still important to offer the proper tools and training they need to succeed.

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