Traffic Law Center Increases Flexibility and Versatility with PSIsafe Cloud

With multiple offices and a growing law practice, it was hard to get information from one office to another without spending thousands of dollars annually on courier service. Handling as many as 25,000 cases each year made file handling and storage, especially with closed files, a cumbersome and expensive process. It was decided that going paperless was the best way to achieve the office efficiency they were lacking and would help them save money in the long term.

Traffic Law Center started searching for a document management solution the modern-day way, by browsing the web and seeking referrals from their current vendors. Eventually, they came across PSIsafe, and after learning more about the company and its offerings, found they also had a cloud-based solution called PSIsafe CLOUD.

PSIsafe CLOUD included all of the features and functionality which were required to meet their primary goals, but with the added benefit that they did not have to purchase a server and run the software on the internal network because it works via a SaaS subscription model. A key benefit traffic Law Center discovered with the PSIGEN solution was that utilizing a cloud-based solution, they received automatic software upgrades and system backups included as part of the service.

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