Chris Polek of Polek & Polek, a stalwart in the imaging industry, recently made a notable appearance at IBPI Connect 2023, not only as a sponsor but also as a speaker. As one of the event’s standout personalities, he spoke briefly and added an extra layer of excitement by hosting a raffle that captivated the audience. His presence was a perfect complement to an event that prides itself on offering unparalleled networking opportunities and cutting-edge industry insights. Polek & Polek, known for their commitment to boosting the profitability and success of Independent Dealers, offers a wide range of high-quality products—from standout toner cartridges to essential fuser rollers—making Chris Polek’s participation in the event all the more impactful.

The conference, coordinated by IBPI’s dedicated director Mark Grice, broke records this year, especially with a jaw-dropping $1 million in rebates returned to members. Attendees had the opportunity to absorb valuable insights from industry leaders and participate in unique networking sessions, reinforcing the event’s emphasis on community. The overarching message was clear: organizations like IBPI and Polek & Polek are about more than just business transactions; they are committed to building lasting relationships that combine business acumen with a strong sense of community.

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SOURCE Polek & Polek