Load balancing EHR for Healthier Healthcare IT Applications

Load balancing EHR for Healthier Healthcare IT Applications

Optimizing Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) means maximizing availability, performance, and security – and that’s where ecoprintQ and Loadbalancer.org come in.

EHR is prevalent in North America. In the US, if you encounter a health emergency while on vacation or a business trip, you no longer have to carry your pill bottles or produce hard-to-remember drug names to the doctor you see in the new city.

Chances are that after asking a few generic questions, the doctor would already have access to all the information he needs, including your prescription, right on his mobile, or computer screen – thanks to EHR systems that help coordinate care among multiple healthcare providers, giving them access to a patient’s most recent health data.

What is an EHR?

Simply put, an EHR is the paper chart of a patient presented in a digital format, holding information related to a patient’s medical history including medications, allergies, diagnoses, treatment plans, immunization dates, radiology images, and test results from laboratories. Built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office, EHR systems cover a broader view of patient care, thereby performing a vital role in the health IT infrastructure.

These systems are able to:

  • contain a patient’s end-to-end medical history
  • allow providers access to evidence-based tools that can be used to make meaningful decisions about patient care
  • automate and streamline provider workflow in a healthcare setting

The top five benefits of EHR:

  • Offering healthcare providers with the ability to easily share and access medical records through network-connected, enterprise-wide record management platforms
  • Minimizing the chances of data replication or inaccuracies since there is only a single medical record
  • Generating timely appointment reminders and additional warnings to prevent mistakes and keep care on the right path
  • Better care in emergencies by providing all test results and notes over time for evidence-based patient recommendations
  • Increasing the scale of medical research and advancement, as data-based health information can be sourced and used for a much larger pool of resources during medical research and testing

loadbalancer.org’s integrated application delivery services work together to help healthcare organizations to deliver highly available applications to both providers and patients. Their load balancers support health centers with a unified infrastructure that automatically directs optimized, encrypted traffic to the closest or best-performing server in your data center while reducing browser-related performance issues.

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If you’d like to find out more about loadbalancer.org and its role in healthcare, give us a call at 1-800-236-8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.com. ecoprintQ is committed to delivering excellent service to every customer, providing support at each phase of an opportunity, and promoting solutions at every level. As a result, ecoprintQ is one of the world’s top Authorized Solution Centers.

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