New Video: Transform Your AP processes

By Josefine Kinseher– DocuWare: Capture, store, approval routings, and GL coding invoices  – do you know all the clever features that DocuWare has to  streamline your manual AP processes? The video shows them in just four minutes. From invoice capture to export for posting back to your accounting system.

This is how automated invoice processing works

DocuWare offers the perfect solution to transform AP processes from beginning to end. This video (and a brief overview below) shows you how  the workflows automate the processes:

  1. Data capture and storage

As the foundation for automated invoice processing, DocuWare independently reads key data such as vendor name, invoice date and dollar amounts from each invoice. No need for error-prone manual data entry. With Intelligent Indexing invoices are indexed and stored securely within your accounting file cabinet.

  1. Validation process 

After the invoice is stored in the file cabinet, the workflow interrogates the indexing and validates it against preconfigured criteria. The process runs in the background to ensure that only correct invoices proceed to the approval process. For example, the workflow checks for…

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