Better Enterprise Application Security

  • Virtual adapter provides the capability to fax-enable custom developed applications
  • Software developers have the tools to integrate fax capabilities into any application
  • Four nines reliability
  • Built-in redundancy eliminates the need for duplicate phone lines, fax boards and servers
  • Completely secure and confidential (Defense-in-depth methodology utilizing a multi-layered security model)
  • Easy setup for outbound and inbound fax communications
  • Software development kit (SDK) fax

Get More From Your App

  • Leveraging the cloud, etherFAX offers a scalable network to process high volumes of faxes
  • Capability to securely transport data and documents
  • Send and receive faxes to/from fax devices, fax servers, and other fax-enabled applications with enterprise application security
  • etherFAX-enabled applications can easily create a fax or schedule and broadcast a campaign
  • Eliminate busy signals and never lose a fax

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etherFAX Launches New Federated Service to Digitize Workflows and Improve Interoperability