Transform Your Output Environment with Lexmark’s Strategic Software Partnerships

Most organizations receive information every day from a variety of print and digital formats, including documents, files, forms, emails and more. Trying to increase efficiency while managing this flood of data, particularly when information flows from paper to digital and back again, can frustrate users and drive up expenses. Successfully managing this digital business transformation process is often beyond the capabilities of organizations with a limited technology solution set.

To transform your print infrastructure into a platform that delivers precise, accurate information regardless of format, now is the time to partner with a proven industry leader to maximize your revenue and the value of your solution portfolio, while positively impacting your bottom line.

Managing print and digital information
When users convert a paper document into a digital format, or transition from a digital file back to paper, every process can be impacted. Many organizations are slow to address these challenges, as they can require costly and time-consuming changes to existing business systems. Plus IT departments often lack the resources to thoroughly evaluate solutions, or might not be aware of provider options available in the marketplace.

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