The Packaging and Labels Revival

Changing Consumer Behaviors Open up Opportunities to Better Connect

So much has changed going into this year, but with that change comes the opportunity for businesses to reinvent themselves to better meet the needs of their customers. There is an ever-increasing shift from in-store to online shopping, which is not new, but according to a recent RBC Capital Markets survey, 42 percent of surveyed consumers now purchase groceries online at least once per week. That number is up almost half from a similar RBC survey conducted in 2018. This is truly a fortuitous chance for many consumer brand owners to develop a closer connection to their customers by enhancing their packaging and labels.

Current events have triggered a surge of new consumer habits, with McKinsey & Company reporting an astonishing 75 percent of U.S. consumers trying a new shopping behavior in response to economic pressures, store closings and changing priorities. They predict this trend will continue and for consumers to try other brands, as 36 percent report they have recently tried a new product brand. McKinsey also stated that of the consumers who have tried different brands, 73 percent intend to continue to incorporate the new brands into their routine. For many brand owners, the customers’ decreased in-store interaction and experience means the first or continued connection to their customers will now be through packaging and labels.

And so, more shopping online is leading to a shift in how consumers behave and relate to the brands of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG.) This shift in behavior opens up an enormous opportunity for brands (and commercial printers working for brands) to redefine the brand experience. Through enhanced print features such as unique and attractive packaging and labels, combined with the consumer unboxing experience, brand owners who are making better connections to their customers are winning.

Packaging and Labels – the New Brand Experience

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