Healthcare Providers Struggle to Protect Patient Data

The majority of us continue to applaud the dedication and selfless actions of all those in the healthcare sector who, in the face of an almost overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic, went above and beyond in their efforts to save lives and provide critical patient care. Unfortunately, it is clear that at the same time, there were some less well intentioned individuals who looked to profit from the situation by engaging in cyber crime attacks intent on breaching data defences to install ransomware or steal valuable personal health data.

According to the HIPAA journal there were 642 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records reported in 2020. In addition, the HIPAA journal reported that approximately 29 million healthcare records have been breached. Unfortunately, the healthcare sector is likely to continue to be a key target for cyber criminals as, unlike their counterparts in the commercial world, they often do not have the same level of IT security skills and resources to fully protect their network infrastructure against the determined cyber criminal.

As Cyber Security Providers have been stepping-up their services to help healthcare organizations protect their on-line IT networks against unauthorised access, Managed Print Service Providers also need to be engaging with healthcare providers to ensure they have the capability to protect and monitor the large volumes of sensitive patient data associated with their print and document management workflows.

To find out more about how Craig Hospital, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital, has managed to secure their patient data and at the same time enabled front line medical staff to stay focused on patient care.

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Source: Ringdale

Data Breaches Continue to Plague the Healthcare Sector