Expense’s Capture Made Easy with uniFLOW Scan to Captio Connector

The uniFLOW Connectivity Services Interface (CSI) is an open interface supported by many document management systems (DMS). We at NT-ware continually develop new and exciting scan destinations, just like the Scan to Captio connector, featured in this article.

What is Captio?

Captio is an expense management system hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The software allows the capture of expenses, creating expense reports with links to payroll systems and full reimbursement of expenses.

The uniFLOW Scan to Captio CSI connector

The newly developed uniFLOW Captio expenses scan connector significantly enhances productivity by allowing users an alternative to getting expenses into the system via the Capito app. Users can scan multiple travel expenses documents directly using the connector, securely, and easily via the Canon MFD to Captio for further travel expenses processing by the organization.

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