Honing In On Healthcare: Printing Trends, Document Solutions And Home Working

By Jim Wieser, Y Soft: In this series of blog posts, we look at the IDC end-user survey. In particular, hybrid-working, printing trends, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting printing in four key industries. Here we hone in on healthcare and look at the impact and the opportunities, and how you can support your staff with their printing and scanning needs.


This heavily regulated industry has faced many challenges during the move to remote working brought on by the global pandemic, such as compliance with HIPAA and other standards. Given the nature of a lot of work in this industry, many employees continued to work from the office and healthcare facilities as their jobs simply cannot be done remotely. However, with the move to becoming more flexible and aligned with other sectors, healthcare services (HS) are looking seriously at talent retention, mental health, wellbeing, and role engagement.

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