Is My Office Technology Business A Good Fit for GreatAmerica?

By: Alisha Fishwild, GreatAmerica: As a vendor relationship manager at GreatAmerica, I have the pleasure of working with office technology providers every day. In our channel, it’s not a question of if financing will be a part of their go-to-market strategy, instead, it’s a question of who they will use to facilitate the financing arrangement.

There are many financing sources to choose from as an office technology solution provider, and when deciding what the best fit for your business is, you should start by looking to your mission, values, and go-to-market strategy. Since I’m often asked what kind of providers are typically a good fit with GreatAmerica, I wanted to take some time to offer my insight on the topic. There are two categories of considerations we tend to look at when evaluating if an office technology business will be a good fit for GreatAmerica: The first is what I call the ‘on-paper’ attributes. We lean on these attributes to help us understand if the company seeking financing can fulfill the terms of the agreement. The second category we look at is whether they hold growth minded attributes. Let’s dig into both categories.

On-Paper Attributes

The following qualifications are a guide to ensure we are a good fit for your company, though it’s important to keep in mind exceptions do arise:

  • Your annual revenue is at least $500,000
  • Ideal credit history includes multiple commercial relationships – free of collections, liens, bankruptcies, or write-offs
  • You are a current authorized reseller of an office technology manufacturer

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