Surge Elimination and Mains Power Protection at the Service Panel

Branch Circuit

To offer a proper power foundation, surge protection and conditioning should be installed at the branch circuit level to guarantee full coverage and lessen the need for extra protection downstream.

  • NEMA rated magnetic shielding steel enclosure
  • Advanced Series Mode® surge elimination
  • Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filtering
  • SurgeX ICE® (Inrush Current Elimination)
  • Self-circuit with visual indicator

The SurgeX Branch Circuit product line provides guaranteed surge protection and power conditioning for audio, video, and mission critical equipment at the service panel. This unique solution is built with a professional-grade NEMA magnetic shielding steel enclosure that meets code for use at the service entrance, sub-panels, and in-ceiling plenums.

Engineered with Advanced Series Mode surge protection and mains power conditioning technologies it provides top-of-the-line protection. Superior to conventional MOV circuitry or MOV-hybrid designs, it completely eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 volts without producing harmful side effects such as earth contamination or common-mode disturbances. It is completely non-sacrificial and never needs to be reset, providing the most reliable protection available.

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Verrex Leverages SurgeX in Corporate Offices