Savvy sales representatives always strive to maximize their interaction time with clients by streamlining the other parts of their job. They rely on electronic tools for optimal efficiency in handling what traditionally was a paperwork-centric workflow. Using a CPQ tool for administrative tasks allows them to be customer-centric rather than being bogged down in back-office follow-up. CPQ software is designed to automate product configuration and pricing, and quote generation for the customer.

What is CPQ?

CPQ software applications are powerful tools that automate and streamline the process of generating product pricing configurations and customer quotes. They are especially useful in situations where sales representatives need complicated product configurations, including potential discounts, customizations, optional features, and multiple product combinations. They are often run in tandem with CRM and ERP platforms and use a pre-programmed rule set, which greatly increases accuracy as well as the speed of proposal generation. CPQ software is seen as the newest wave in sales optimization tools.

How does CPQ Software Work?

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